Vert-X 48E – compact rotary encoder for heavy-duty applications

Agricultural machinery, side loaders or drilling equipment: systems like these – despite their heavyweight construction – are built to perform delicate tasks with extreme precision. Here it is essential to have accurate regulation of rotational movements and the precise measurement of angular positions. Contelec has now launched the Vert-X 48E, a compact, non-contacting rotary encoder which fits perfectly for these applications.With an outside diameter of just 48mm, a modest height of 17mm, IP68/IP69K protection class and strong resistance to shock and vibration, the Vert-X 48E meets the highest requirements in terms of robustness, stability, form factor and environmental conditions.

It is based on the contactless and non-contacting Vert-X MH-C and MH-C2 technology. There is a mechanical separation between the sensor and the magnetic actuator, whereby the permanent magnet is being fixed to the rotating object. Thus an axial operating range up to 13.8mm has no effect on the specified 12 to 16 bit resolution. As in addition feature, the encoder proves extremely tolerant of tilting and radial misalignment.

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Vert-X 37MT – farewell to batteries and gears

In addition to the singleturn position, multiturn encoders detect the number of turns as well. So far, multiturn encoders must be equipped with a reduction gear or battery backup in order to detect, store and retain information on the number of turns even during unpowered condition. The new Vert-X 37MT absolute multiturn encoder from Contelec addresses this shortcoming. Its measuring system is based on measurement of the magnetic field direction to detect the singleturn position, together with magnetic measurement of the number of turns.

The shaft rotation generates sufficient electrical energy to reliably increment or decrement the turn count in non-volatile memory even without external power. In this way the Vert-X 37MT provides an absolute measuring system that does not lose track of absolute position in the absence of supply voltage.

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Vert-X 05E – getting the better of confined installation spaces

In the shape of the Vert-X 05E, Contelec is launching a non-contacting rotary encoder that offers outstanding value for money and, with its ultra-compact size – it is just 5mm high – and physical architecture, the encoder can be used in the most confined spaces. The Vert-X 05E rotary encoder is potted with a high-grade, temperature-resistant epoxy resin and is thus impervious to contamination. The extremely slim angle sensor catches the eye with its unusually compact size and arrangement of its measurement system only 6mm from the edge. This allows the Vert-X 05E to be used in applications with a rotation centre

close to a wall and enables angle measurement in hitherto inconceivable places. Also impressive is the ease of selecting the desired sense of rotation. The Vert-X 05E angle sensor can simply be installed flipped through 180° to choose clockwise or counter-clockwise sense of rotation. Particularly noteworthy as well is the possibility of transmissive measurements in which the angle measurement is made through non-magnetic materials (liquid or solid materials). Moreover, a fully redundant version of the Vert-X 05E is available too.

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Vert-X 79 – precise control of heavy load transporters

With the Vert-X 79 rotary encoder, Contelec takes angle measurement on heavy load transporters and similar vehicles to a new level. The encoder is based on the established, contactless MH-C and MH-C2 technology and allows straightforward adaptation to given customer applications. Designed for use in harsh environmental conditions, the Vert-X 79 can be equipped with a «driving disc». This acts as a coupling element between the encoder itself and the rotating axle. Due to this loose connection, precise measurements are possible even under impact of a radial or axial misalignment.

In applications without a driving disc, the encoder impresses with a permissible shaft load up to 300N radial. The Vert-X 79 provides a variety of interfaces (0.1–10 V / 4–20 mA / CANopen). Moreover, there are optional half and fully redundant versions available as well. The MH-C2 variant offers next to a protection class of IP68/IP69K and 12 to 16 bit resolution also specific programming and setting possibilities. There is support for on site user setting of the sense of rotation (CW, CCW), index point (zero or mid-point), as well as start and end point.

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Vert-X 13 screened – ultra-precision 3D measurements thanks to effective screening of rotary encoders

Precision, multi-dimensional mechanical measurement of surfaces using 3D probes is one of the most demanding challenges facing ambitious system suppliers. The aim is to achieve maximum accuracy and repeatability of travel to the index positions of the probe head along the x and y axes and ensure mechanical locking. If contactless rotary encoders are used, the standard configuration has a fairly major disadvantage in surface measurement applications: due to their direct proximity to the DC motors installed offset at 90° in the probe heads, the magnets in the rotary encoders and motors exert a reciprocal influence, leading to undesirable signal distortions and consequently to unsatisfactory results. To counteract this problem, Contelec has developed a solution based on the Vert-X 13 encoder, which eliminates the reciprocal influence of the motor and rotary encoder magnets.

The core of the solution is a new magnet arrangement, involving the integration of an annular magnet in a ferromagnetic rotation body with an integral axis. The field of the ring magnet is so efficiently focussed by the rotation body that on one hand interference emanating from the magnet to the outside is minimized, while on the other hand the body is capable of effectively screening the rotary encoder from even high interference fields, such as those caused by motors for example. The interference field sensitivity is reduced by a factor of 5.

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