User-programming of Vert-X rotary sensors

The absolute-measuring magnetic rotary sensors of the Contelec Vert-X MH-C2 family enable customer-specific programming of different parameters, including characteristic curve, angle range, zero point, switching points and direction of rotation. Now also available from Contelec is the ‘Vert-X EasyAdapt – Evaluation Kit’ that supports the user in rapid prototyping and is also suitable for use on production lines.

The complete solution includes the user-friendly ‘Vert-X Commander’ programming software, the ‘Vert-X Programmer’ programming unit, all necessary cables and the Vert-X 28 MH-C2 angle sensor for test purposes.

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Solid and rugged – flat rotary sensors for confined spaces

With its Vert-X 90E model, Contelec has launched an extremely slim, heavy-duty non-contacting rotary sensor that is ideally suited to mobile applications, such as in construction and forestry machinery, concrete pumps or fire-fighting vehicles. Only 12 mm high and with IP69K ingress protection and a very high resistance to shocks and vibration, the Vert-X 90E can be used in applications in confined spaces, where extremely challenging requirements in terms of ruggedness, sturdiness and the prevailing conditions are the order of the day.

The Vert-X 90E also enables the user to easily set index points (e.g. zero point) and the direction of rotation. These features allow quick, convenient installation and provide an elegant method of compensating for equipment tolerances as well as the installation tolerances of the rotary sensor itself.

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Measurement of motor speed

Normal temperature fluctuations (typically ranging between -20ºC and +45ºC) encountered in motor operation between running mode and when the motor is at a standstill make high demands on encoder components. To counter these problems, Contelec has developed a new sensor concept, in which a flat, external sensor records the speed of the main shaft without any physical contact. All that is needed is to tap a thread in the main shaft to secure the magnetic encoder. The sensor is attached to the back of the motor or on the fan housing and aligned.

The shape of the sensor has been optimised in order to create a negligible influence on the air flow. The rugged incremental rotary sensors have 12-bit resolution (quadrature) and can be pre-configured (pulses per channel and rotation) with various pulse counts (from 1 to 128 pulses incrementally, then 256, 512 and 1024 pulses).

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