Low-power rotary encoders – the new minimalism

Contelec is setting a new standard in green technology with its low-power angle sensors in the Vert-X 21 series. The absolute-measuring magnetic rotary encoders are rated low-power and low-voltage, combining these advantages in an ultra-precision measurement system. With an extremely low current consumption of ≤ 300 µA (at Ub = 3.3 V), the angle sensors are ideally suited to low-energy applications.

The new Contelec rotary encoders, covering a 360° angle range and specified at ±0.3 % linearity, are also suitable for operating on a supply voltage of as low as 1.8 V, with a maximum permissible supply voltage of 5.5 V.


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Rotary encoder for confined installation situations

Cramped space, difficult environmental conditions and high price sensitivity – the ultra-compact size and physical architecture of the new, affordable Vert-X 05E rotary encoder, recently launched by Contelec, make it ideal for use in extremely confined spaces. Moulded in high-grade, temperature-resistant epoxy resin, it is impervious to contamination. With specific ingress protection of IP68 and a reliable temperature range of –40 to +125°C, it stands up to even the harshest environments.

The extremely slim rotary sensor – just 5 mm high – catches the eye with its unusually compact size and arrangement of the measurement system only 6 mm from the edge. This allows the Vert-X 05E to be used in applications with a near-wall centre of rotation and enables angle measurements in hitherto inconceivable places. It has never been easier to select the sense of rotation. The rotary encoder can be simply installed flipped through 180° to choose clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation.

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Precision angle measurement – even with extreme temperature differences

Wind turbines are exposed to extreme temperatures and are dependent on precision angle measurement in order to enable high-precision yawing (azimuth) of the turbine housing, which involves continuous adjustment of the pitch of the turbine blades and the horizontal orientation of the gondola to changing wind conditions. Existing rotary encoders based on Vert-X MH-C2 technology would be ideal for this purpose – were it not for the extreme temperature differences of –30 to +85°C to which they would be exposed. To ensure that no concessions are made in such extreme applications, Contelec has developed the Vert-X 50 rotary encoder.

At its 0.1 … 10 V interface, this has a temperature coefficient (TC) which has been reduced to less than 20 ppm/K. A notable feature is that the improvement in the temperature coefficient – by a factor of 5 compared with previous solutions – has had no detrimental effect on the EMC specifications of the rotary encoder, and all other features of the Vert-X MH-C2 technology have also remained unchanged. Innovation made by Contelec.

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