The modular design of Contelec potentiometers and Vert-X rotary encoders allows the benefits of standardised products to be combined with those of customer-specific components. The innumerable variations of conductive plastic and cermet potentiometers include customer-configurable angle and path ranges, various body and axis types and different model sizes. Individual electrical connection variants are also part of the standard-individual range of conductive plastic and cermet potentiometers and contactless and non-contacting Vert-X rotary encoders.

A common feature of all sensors is their positioning in the high-end segment. Depending on the design shape, the possibility of multiple output signals is given, both raising and falling output signals are definable. The potentiometers and Vert-X angle sensors can also be provided with switching functions with user-definable switch points. The vast array of possibilities even extends to mechatronic systems.

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