Anyone taking a closer interest in Contelec products quickly finds out that, while all products are available as standard components, they can easily be converted to customer-specific versions. The modular, intelligent structure creates unimaginable scope – for example in terms of measurement range, resolution, precision, connections, output signals and physical design. This unusual flexibility in the sensor market is duly reflected in the term ‘individual-standard’. For a growing number of customers, the name Contelec is also linked to the attribute «engineering».

In many projects we are much more than a supplier of high-quality linear position and angle sensors for our customers. This is because we apply our expertise not just to the design of new products, but also to the development and production of complete assemblies. This consistent utilisation of broadly-based engineering and manufacturing expertise makes us a strategic solution partner for many customers, adding a significant contribution to the successful development of new products. And it goes without saying that factors such as closeness to customers, flexibility and experience are also of central importance.

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