Low-power rotary encoders - the new minimalism

Contelec sets a new standard with its latest low-power angle sensors in the Vert-X 21 series. The absolute-measuring magnetic rotary encoders are rated low-power and low-voltage, combining these advantages in an ultra-precision measurement system. With a drastically reduced current consumption of ≤300 μA (at Ub = 3.3 V), they are ideally suited to low-energy applications.

They cover a 360° angle range, are specified at ±0.3% linearity and can be operated on a supply voltage of as low as 1.8 to 5.5 V. The user-programmability of parameters, such as characteristic curve, angle range, and index points (e.g. zero point) and sense of rotation, gives Contelec low-power rotary encoders an added performance dimension that widens the range of possible applications.

Automotive / Motor Sports

Railway technology


Heating / ventilation / air conditioning



Mechanical engineering


Measurement instruments

Mobile vehicles

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