Rugged, reliable, long-life

Whether you opt for conductive plastic or cermet potentiometers, you are opting for reliability, long life, ruggedness and resistibility. Benefit from the numerous advantages of high-quality Contelec linear position and angle sensors – entirely in line with our development strategy aimed at quality. Conductive plastic and cermet potentiometers provide good value for money. They deliver reliable analogue positional values, are rugged and durable (life of up to 50 million cycles) and offer a range of features that are ideally suited to the large majority of applications.

There are high-quality potentiometers available that offer a linearity of up to ±0.15% and repeatability of a maximum of 0.1°. Also convincing are the conductive plastic and cermet potentiometers, due to the wide offering of ‘modular’ angle sensors. These combine the benefits of standardised products with those of customer-specific components. The variations include freely selectable angle ranges, or the possibility of outputting two angle signals, defining rising and falling output signals or integrating switching functions.

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