Exceptional flexibility with high-quality linear position and angle sensors

Contelec conductive plastic potentiometers enjoy a good reputation in terms of reliability and long life. That is why they are used as transducer for demanding measurement and control applications. High adjustment speeds are possible, because the signal is available in real time without lag errors. As a result of their low energy consumption, conductive plastic potentiometers, with a suitable inherently safe power supply, are also suitable for use in explosion-protected zones. Reliability and function are not affected by climatic fluctuations – a further advantage of conductive plastic potentiometers. Their low current consumption makes conductive plastic potentiometers suitable for mobile applications. They have a further advantage for battery-operated systems in particular; their simple construction means there is normally no problem with EMC conformity.

However, because of wear – related to their operating principle – conductive plastic potentiometers are not suitable for all applications. For applications with a high number of short-stroke cycles or in which there are very long life requirements, we recommend Contelec Vert-X contactless or non-contacting sensor systems.

Conductive plastic potentiometers – the principle
Using screen-printing methods, a thick-coat resistance track is applied to various carrier materials (FR4 ceramic, plastic). The coating is then hardened in an oven. A wiper slides on the resistance track and picks up the relevant voltage signal. The coating-wiper system is precisely matched to ensure maximum reliability throughout the entire lifetime. Due to its operating principle, the resolution is infinite.

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