Rugged technologies that stand the test of time

For many decades, Contelec has been involved in the development and manufacture of wire wound and cermet potentiometers. This extensive experience has led to extremely reliable products. High-quality wire wound and cermet potentiometers are primarily suitable for use as ‘adjustable potentiometers’ in which the user specifies the required value. To a limited extent – in cases where the life expectations are not too high – they are also suitable for control applications. The resistance wire/cermet resistance and the wiper are accurately matched to ensure maximum reliability throughout the entire lifetime of the system.

Wire potentiometers – the principle
A resistance wire is wound around an insulated core. This is then fixed in place and bent to the design shape. Precision manufacturing methods allow reliable processing of resistance wires down to an extremely small diameter of 0.01 mm. A wiper contact slides on the resistance wire surface and picks up the voltage signal at the relevant point. Due to the operating principle, the resolution is dependent on the number of wire windings.

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