User-programming of Vert-X rotary encoders

The absolute-measuring magnetic angle sensors of the Contelec Vert-X MH-C2 family enable customer-specific programming of different parameters, including output characteristic, angle range, zero point, switching points and direction of rotation. Now also available from Contelec is the ‘Vert-X EasyAdapt – Evaluation Kit’ that supports the user in rapid prototyping.

Parameters such as output characteristic, angle range, index points (e.g. zero point) and direction of rotation can be adapted to the requirements of the application. The complete solution includes the user-friendly ‘Vert-X Commander’ programming software, which enables convenient definition of the required parameters, together with the actual ‘Vert-X Programmer’ programming unit, all necessary cables and – for test purposes – the Vert-X 28 MH-C2 angle sensor.

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