Vert-X 24 – A new price-quality standard

Contactless rotary encoders at budget prices? The Contelec Vert­X 24 contactless measuring rotary encoder makes this an affordable reality. The compact angle sensor, which is based on tried-and-tested Hall measurement technology, appeals with its impressive performance features and a high level of modularity. In the standard version with a ratiometric 5V interface (10…90% Ub), the rotary encoder supports angle measurements up to 360° with 12 bit resolution and ±1% linearity in the operating temperature range from -40°C to +125°C.

The encoder is further enhanced by its compact design, metal slide bearings, a life of at least 20 million movements and IP67 protection class. The basic version can be upgraded with a range of options, including fully and half-redundant versions, custom angles from 30° to 360° and improved linearity of ±0.3%.

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Vert-X 32E – Contelec non-contacting CANopen rotary encoder sets new benchmark

With its Vert-X 32E rotary encoder, Contelec is setting a new benchmark in angle measurement in the CANopen environment. Attractive features of the non-contacting rotary encoder include a supported angle range of 360°, guaranteed linearity of ±0.3%, 16 bit resolution and a low temperature coefficient of <25ppm/K. The compact rotary encoder, with a height of just 10mm and fixing-hole spacings of 38mm, also features attractive mechanical specifications, including the metal-reinforced mounting lugs and the rugged cable outlet that withstands even the highest tension.

The quality of this product is further underlined by the specified IP68 protection class and the operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.The Vert-X 32E rotary encoder is available with a range of options, including versions with a spur line connection or a looped CAN bus. A feature particularly worth mentioning is the availability of fully redundant versions with two independent, galvanically separated measurement systems.

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WAL200 – Potentiometer for volumetric dosing systems

An innovative process for dosing liquid or viscous substances in the industrial production of mixtures is volumetric and gravimetric dosing in which the volume of the individual liquids is metered by means of dosing syringes. To ensure high accuracy and repeatability, it is essential to be able to precisely register and control the valve position. For this purpose, Contelec has developed the excellent value-for-money WAL200 potentiometer. Based on tried-and-tested conductive plastic technology, this extremely compact potentiometer is just 22mm in diameter and 7mm thick and can be easily and directly integrated into the dosing syringes by means of its hollow shaft and integral anti-twist pin.

The key features of the potentiometer are the specified IP50 protection class, ±1% linearity, minimum ±0.3° resolution and 280° electrical angle, which can be extended to a maximum of 340° to adapt to different applications.

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Vert-X 88 – Robust rotary encoder for ultra-heavy-duty applications

Whether front, side or rear loaders are used; waste-disposal vehicles and industrial waste presses depend on the exact measurement and control of angular positions of lifting and compacting equipment. The Contelec Vert-X 88 rotary encoder has been developed specifically for ultra-heavy-duty applications. It is based on the established, contactless measuring MH-C and MH-C2 technology and sets a clear benchmark with its 88mm outside diameter, IP68/IP69K protection class and its rugged architecture.

It is specified for shaft loads of up to 300N axial and 400N radial, supports a temperature range from -40°C to +85°C and boasts a life of at least 360 million movements. The rotary encoder is optionally available in half or fully redundant versions and with various interfaces and customer-specific outlet cables.

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